Welcome to Competitiv-Edge

Welcome to Competitiv-Edge
There is a bewildering amount of information out there about job search, but how do you know what to use and who to turn to for help?  A successful job search involves much more than sending out resumes and scanning job listings.   In today’s job market you need a “competitiv-edge” to put all the right pieces together into a comprehensive and coordinated approach to your job search that can increase your chances of success dramatically.

Consisting of proven knowledge, successful techniques and valuable strategies traditionally found in outplacement and career counseling programs,  Competitiv-Edge is presented in 8 critical but easy to follow steps.

The stress and uncertainty of a job search is intense.  Competitiv-Edge will erase the myths and misinformation, provide the written and personal resources to maximize success and help you survive this stressful time so you come out the other side happy, healthy and gainfully employed.

Lawrence Rosencrantz CEO

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