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We have broken the program into 8 Steps, although they form an interdependent whole. There is a significant savings by purchasing the entire program because we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits of using the whole program. But if cost becomes an issue, then select what best fits your job search budget. Just click on the Step(s) you wish to purchase. You can purchase more Steps at anytime. If paying without a PayPal account, PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK THAT SAYS “RETURN TO COMPETITIV-EDGE LLC”.

On a tight budget? No problem!
We’ve broken the program down into 8 affordable parts, so you can purchase at your own pace.

Step 1 is an overview guide to the program steps and how to use them.

It’s free and packed full of useful information and facts you probably didn’t know.


Step 2: Making your emotions work for you.

This step shows you how to overcome the inevitable negative feelings that accompany unemployment and job search; how to build self-confidence, reduce stress and present yourself with energy.



Step 3: Getting to know yourself.

You can’t sell what you can’t describe accurately and completely. The more you know about yourself, and how others perceive you, the more effective you will be creating a door opening resume and marketing yourself effectively. This step is purchased together with Step 4 because it is integral to that step.

Step 4: Build a door opening resume. Once you have learned from Step 3 what you want, your likes and dislikes, how you appear, your skills and personal traits, you are ready to incorporate that into a resume that sells and distinguishes you over others.



Step 5: Building a Self-Marketing Plan

Resumes and job listings are not enough to get you to the best job quickly. Building on the other steps you need to create a plan that incorporates additional resources and avenues, like networking , online and written materials, social media and the like into a focused plan designed to target your search most effectively.

Step 6: Implementing and tracking your Plan

A plan is only as good as its utilization. This step will help you implement, track and modify your plan to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Step 7: Acing the Interview

Using the knowledge you have gained from the previous steps we’ll show you how to overcome obstacles and emotions so you can present yourself as a strong, viable and appropriate candidate in that all important interview or networking meeting.


Step 8: Negotiate to “You’re Hired”

Here we assist you with the skills and approaches to negotiate your salary and work conditions with confidence