I Did Everything Wrong!

I Did Everything Wrong!

I Did Everything Wrong!

With 300-600 job seekers applying to every open position, hiring managers are like kids in a candy store.  Only the most mouthwateringly delicious candidate, who possesses ALL the required qualifications, AND the majority of the “wish list” qualifications, can even hope to get their resumes in front of the people that matter.

So, what’s a job seeker to do? Well, let me ask you this, “Do you have a Job Search Plan?”

Are you shaking your head in confusion and muttering, “What the heck is a Job Search Plan?”

Maybe, you’re nodding, confident in your plan of sending out resumes and cover letters to every open position.  Knowing you have the skills and experience employers want, and that in no time you’ll get the call?

Well sorry, but THAT is NOT a Job Search Plan!  When I started my search over a year ago, I followed THAT “plan”.  It was how I was taught to find work.  Spruce up the resume, write a cover letter, scan the “want ads”, and then “pound the pavement” until you hit pay dirt.

Except, after a year, I was still unemployed.  I just kept getting rejections.  I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong!  Was it my resume?  Was it my cover letter?  Worst of all, was it me?  In no time, my confidence was replaced by doubt.  I felt worthless.  I didn’t know what else to do!

Finally, I got lucky.  I got both a job and answers I was craving.  After the longest year of my life, I was finally hired by a company who specializes in job search assistance!

As I learned about resumes and cover letters, I realized where I’d gone wrong, but above all, one message stood out.  My single biggest mistake.

I should have had a plan.

The majority of job seekers panic and go off half-cocked.  They just need a job!  They hold firm to the belief that if they just blanket the Earth with enough resumes, someone will be sure to see how wonderful they are, and hire them IMMEDIATELY!

Maybe that’s true in a fantasy world, but in the REAL WORLD you need a plan.

To the millions of unemployed Americans, who are struggling to navigate the job market, I say this… visit Competitiv-Edge.com.  They have the map.  They have the guide.  They will help you get a plan, get a job and get a future.  Save yourself from doing everything wrong, Competitiv-Edge can help!

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